4 Benefits you need to know with using a linen on puzzles

4 Benefits you need to know with using a linen on puzzles

Did you know linen is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers?

Linen is made from flax plant fibers (Linseed Oil) that can grow in poor soil and use far less water in its consumption than cotton. Therefore it is biodegradable which means less waste into the environment and cost-saving by using fewer resources!

Do your fingertips feel a bit moist after hours of puzzling? Well, linen is moisture-wicking! Moisture-wicking is the process of moving moisture away from your skin during any physical activity -- such as puzzling!
With linen fabric, the pieces will dry quickly and not dampen your puzzle board or your puzzling experience! Linen fabric also attracts fewer fingerprints with less glare so you can puzzle comfortably in direct sunlight. This also allows for regifting or thrifting the puzzle without worrying about the quality!

Tell us, do you enjoy a textured finish on your puzzles?
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