All about puzzle inks!

All about puzzle inks!

The world is changing, and that's for the better!

In the past, puzzles were made of petroleum-based ink! How terrible right? Well if you didn't know, the issue with petroleum ink is:

  • Petroleum comes from crude oil- non-renewable natural resource
  • Petroleum-based inks not only contribute directly to CO2 emissions but also release cadmium, lead, and mercury. This causes many health issues from asthma to cancer

However, now there's a push into greener options. Make sure your puzzle is made of Soy, Vegetable, Ultraviolet, UV, or Aqueous ink. Doing so not only reduces the contribution of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere but also protects your family as well from absorbing toxic ink! Check out the ink options below: 


  • soybean is 100% renewable and can be grown and replenished indefinitely
  • easily removed from the paper and other materials during the recycling process.
  • degrades four times faster than petroleum-based inks


  • less energy is required to recycle each item, resulting in a smaller environmental impact.
  • renewable and help to fix nitrogen to the soil in their growing process
  • dry slower and cost more, and may contain a percentage of petroleum


  • are environmentally friendly because 100 percent of the ink is used.
  • no harmful substances to evaporate into the surrounding air.
  • weather resistant, which makes them ideal for long term outdoor use


  • does not produce harmful emissions into the environment during production,
  • durable and longer-lasting, and
  • less susceptible to yellowing and discoloration over time.


  • developed around 2019, the newest alternative
  • has a¬†negative carbon footprint by reducing the amount of CO2 in the air
  • 100% biodegradable¬†it can be disposed of as compost
  • does not fade.

Did you know that Quality Content uses aqueous-based ink for their puzzles? With very bright colors and sturdy low glare pieces, puzzle your day away in comfort

Check out our full collection available here

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