Green Puzzling by Mery @puzzling.pusing

Green Puzzling by Mery @puzzling.pusing

Hi, puzzlers,

I am Mery from @puzzling.pusing.


In this blog post, I want to share more about the "green lifestyle" that you can implement in your puzzle journey. If you have followed me on Instagram, you know that I have posted about Eco-Friendly in the Puzzle Industry Part 1 and Part 2. Both of these posts share more about the "Puzzle Industry" and in this article - I will share more from a consumer perspective.

Global warming is real, climate change is not a joke.

In this pandemic we know there are hundreds of new puzzle brands and most of the big puzzle brands get high demands for puzzles. Do you ever think how many tons of paper boards do they need to make puzzles?

That must be a lot!

Yes, even most puzzle brands now are producing puzzles made from recycled paper boards but it will still bring impact to our mother earth. So, what can we do as puzzlers for our only planet "earth"? Here are some tips for everyone who wants to adopt the "green lifestyle" on the puzzle journey.


  1. Before you BUY a puzzle

We know, most of us get the puzzle from "buying".

So here are some tips for you before buying a puzzle.


  1. Buy From "Green" Puzzle Brand

Not all puzzle brands are considered environmental issues, but if you care about this issue you must be wise to choose puzzles from "green" puzzle brands. For me, GREEN can be meant as:

- a puzzle brand is using recycled material and or sustainable material.

- a puzzle brand is using less plastic on their puzzle products.

- a puzzle brand designs their products so they can be reused, and has compact packaging for "easy to transport".

- a puzzle brand giving back to the environment, and or working together with environmental organizations.

Anyway, did you know that Quality Content puzzles are using Aqueous Coating?

This is one of the most "green" coatings in the printing industry.


  1. Buy Local

It's the hard part for me as someone who lives in a country with limited puzzle stock.

But, you need to know that:


Shipping also contributes to climate change through emissions of Black Carbon, tiny black particles, produced by the combustion of marine fuel. The highest amounts of black carbon particles are produced by ships burning heavy fuel oil. Black carbon accounts for 21% of CO2-equivalent emissions from ships, making it the second most important driver of shipping’s climate impacts after carbon dioxide.


so, if you can buy puzzles locally, please do it.

If you can't, you can minimize the shipping by buying some puzzles in one shipment.


  1. Buy Preloved Puzzles

I don't know where the puzzle goes once it finishes.

But, we all know if the worst is the puzzle will go to the dumpster or landfill.

by buying preloved puzzles, you are giving a second life to the puzzles.

It has a cheaper price (except you buy vintage and unique puzzles), and the bad thing is that it is often not complete (yep, missing pieces) but if you are lucky you can find complete, new, and sealed puzzles too.

I personally never buy preloved puzzles, because there is no thrift puzzle store near me.


Do you buy preloved puzzles? Do you have any tips to buy Preloved or Second-Hand Puzzles? or Do you have a Favourite thrift puzzle store? Left a comment.


  1. Be Mindful

If puzzling is your hobby, so buying puzzles is another hobby.

Yes, we understand if sometimes we will easily buy more puzzles and it ends up on the puzzle shelf.

Before buying new puzzles, have you checked how long your to-do list puzzles are or how big are your to-do piles?


So before you sell your unused puzzles in "sealed and new" condition, you can plan your puzzle session, how many do you need, and what design that you will exactly do. Life Greener is also about managing your needs, and your planning so your "puzzle stock'' will not end as ''waste".


Don't forget if Puzzle is a mindfulness activity,

so make sure you also implement "mindfulness" in your puzzle journey.



  1. After Finishing your Puzzles

Do you frame your puzzle? Do you sell your finished puzzle?

or Do you keep your puzzles as a permanent collection?

All avid puzzlers have the same problem - STORAGE.

Yes, if you have 1-10 puzzles that will not need big space to keep it.

But how about 50? 100? 500? or 1000?

Here are some green ways to minimize saving space for your puzzle collection.


  1. Sorting, Keep it, and Play it again!

I know, all of us have "favorite" puzzles.

We want to keep it and play it again later.

If you have a big collection you need to "sort" your puzzles.

You can keep "unique" puzzles, special edition puzzles, and puzzles with your favorite designs (and maybe - puzzles with a special story).


How many puzzles are in your permanent collection?

And how do you make it your permanent collection?

Share your tips in the comment sections.


  1. Share it with others

What happens to your used puzzles that are not your favorite?

Or you will not play it again in the future?

You can share it with others!


I keep most of my puzzles for my research (You know, I share various information about puzzles and I need it for my future reference). Recently I ran "Puzzle Chain" with some local puzzlers in Indonesia, and it has run very well so far. I "share" my puzzle, and give opportunities to others to try it.


How about you? Do you want to share your puzzles with others too?

So here are two ways to recycle, reuse and reduce your puzzle collection.


  1. Puzzle Pandas

Have you heard about Puzzle Pandas?

Puzzle Pandas are hiding puzzles around the world for someone to find and enjoy.

It's a way to share the joy and mental health benefits of puzzling with more people.


All you need to do is a pile of puzzles to give away, some official cards to stick on your puzzle box, and the intent to hide puzzles around your city for others to find and enjoy.


Interested in being a Puzzle Panda for your community?

Check this their official page to learn more about their program or you can hop to their Instagram account.


  1. The Puzzle Republic

Another way to share and enjoy puzzles!

The Puzzle Republic is a community of free jigsaw puzzle trading posts.


How does it work?

Take a puzzle or leave a puzzle in the Trading Post!

Want to know more about this community, check their Instagram account.


  1. Puzzle with Missing Pieces? No worries, Be Creative!

Let's talk about "missing pieces". I hate this.

But, what will you do if you have an incomplete puzzle?

To prevent it from ending in a trash can, you can check some of this DIY page to reuse the puzzle pieces. Yes, another way to live greener is by using our creativity.

  1. 16 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Puzzle Pieces
  2. Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons
  3. Puzzle Piece Crafts


That's all from me, do you have any other tips about the green lifestyle as a puzzler? Left a comment so I can read it!


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