Top 4 Complaints about Jigsaw Puzzles Revealed

Top 4 Complaints about Jigsaw Puzzles Revealed

Who doesn't love a good puzzle? It's a fun way to pass time and wind down at the end of a hard day. But, even the most die-hard puzzler might find themselves frustrated sometimes by some common annoyances when working on puzzles. 

Now, let's identify those. Ready? 


There's no denying the joy and excitement one gets while solving puzzles! However,  the dust that comes with the puzzle packaging is definitely no fun. But really, what is puzzle dust and where does it come from? By definition, Puzzle Dust is the fine materials that are cut during the manufacturing process. The process of manufacturing involves cutting the puzzle material through a die, which leaves residue - or puzzle dust.

Puzzle Dust

It can be time consuming to get those particles off and some manufacturers opt not to go through that process anymore. With this, Quality Content is proud to say that we double vacuum our packages resulting in less dust for an allergen free puzzling experience. Now, that's something!


You know what's another annoying thing about working on jigsaw puzzles? I'm going to assume that it's when a piece of the puzzle doesn't fit. Do you agree? 

If you have confirmed the number of puzzle pieces and have double checked the puzzle pattern but the pieces still don’t fit properly, it could be a manufacturing issue. It might have been wrongly assembled or with the technique used in cutting.                                                                                 

Indeed it can be frustrating but sometimes, but just keep going!  Don't force it because you'll only end up upset once it's forced in and messes up the other pieces that are already in place. Isn't that a popular life saying? 

The good news is Quality Content Puzzle uses a precision cut technology, so puzzle pieces fit right and tight this first time!

False FIt


We can all agree that not all puzzles are made equal. Some puzzles peel easily due to several factors. It could be from reckless disassembly, bending or due to moisture damage. The quality of the chipboard plays a big role also. 

Peeling Pieces

No worries! With a toothpick and some glue, you could easily fix it! 

Using a toothpick or something similar, dip the end in white glue, and put the glue between the separating layers. After that, squeeze the two layers together. If any glue has "squeezed out," simply run a new toothpick around the edge to remove it.

Our puzzles are made of 100% recycled chipboard with 2mm thick pieces allowing for less bending, flaying, and increased reusability so you don't have to go through all of those. 


The process of solving puzzles is always exciting and gratifying. But have you noticed that some puzzles are so boring that it ends up not being completed?

Dull and lifeless design puzzles end up in the back of the shelf or closet!

Dull Image

So, what makes a puzzle attractive?

Basically, a good puzzle should be visually appealing, with vibrant colors and should challenge you to finish solving. The Rainbow Gradient multiocor 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle will delight those who love an array of colors Interested in doing the impossible? Try the Circle Sensation 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for adults. Ready to puzzle an outdoor nature image from inside your home? With no plastic, a fabric zipper bag and a full sized poster, our  beginner friendly Great Lakes Cascade Puzzle is the perfect gift or start into your puzzling journey!

Now do you think you can spot the difference between a bad or good puzzle?

Will Quality Content pass your Quality Challenge? You be the judge!


Rainbow Gradient


Great Lakes Cascade
Circle Sensation
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