Tips to Practicing Mindfulness

Tips to Practicing Mindfulness

  • Speak kindly to yourself

 Are you too critical of yourself? Do you let too many negative thoughts enter your mind daily? What do you think about yourself physically and emotionally?

Write down 5 things you like about yourself and save emails, texts, letters people have said or given to you over the years! Remember, you are important and find activities and hobbies that boost your self esteem and keep your mind occupied

  • Acknowledge your feelings

Start by being open and honest with yourself. 

Are you angry, upset, anxious? IT is ok to feel these emotions, but do not linger if it is detrimental to your mental health. Acknowledge these feelings and let them pass. Pain should not last forever

  • Set positive intentions

HOW? Practicing gratitude, create positive space for yourself, know you deserve abundance and success!

  • Be present in the moment

Do you find yourself drifting off into a different thought when you are supposed to be paying attention? It happens and you should not beat yourself up about it! 

Do not overthink, instead just do it! Focus on the tasks in front of you. If you are deep in thought or an action that you enjoy, stay with it! This is called FLOW and it is ok to lose track of time when you're having FUN!

Puzzling is a great way to accomplish all of these things, so try one today to focus your mind and unlock your potential 

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