ENDANGERED species list?

ENDANGERED species list?

Did you hear about this?!

Our precious koala bears are now an endangered species!

Did you know, Australia has lost 30% of its total koala population between 2018 and 2021?
Their population is greatly decreasing due to
🐨drought and bush fires (climate change) and
🐨habitat loss (land-clearing for agricultural and urban development )

Koala bears are native to Australia and can be found at conservations/zoos across the world. However, it is predicted by 2050, koalas will be extinct!

I have thought long and hard about which charity Quality Content will be donating to, and I have made my decision!
We will be donating 2% of ALL product sales to the World Wildlife Fund
Not only are they THE leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species, but they also organize their work around food scarcity, climate change, and providing habitats as well
WWF is a reputable charity that's been around for over 60 years and across 100 countries.
Our mottos seem to be the same "You can help build a future where people live in harmony with nature" and I agree ♻️🌍🌿🌏🚮🌎🐨

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