Do you offer any guarantees?

short answer ...YES! long answer ... YESSS! We pride ourselves on providing top-quality jigsaw puzzle pieces. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will receive your money back. No hassle. A follow-up is possible to see how we can improve.  Use the contact information below or click here

What if pieces were missing from my new puzzle?

In the event of missing pieces from a brand-new jigsaw puzzle, please take a picture of the section the piece is missing from and email deslynqc@gmail.com with 14 days of discovery

 What if you've lost a puzzle piece?

Unfortunately, QC is unable to offer a replacement puzzle piece if you lost a piece after 14 days. However, you may be offered a significantly discounted price for replacement puzzle

What types of cuts are your puzzle pieces?

Our puzzles are ribbon cut. This means that while there are a variety of shapes, shapes do repeat throughout the puzzle.

Do your puzzles include a poster of the image?

The Rainbow Gradient and Circle Sensation Puzzles do not have a poster inside the box. Instead, the die lines are on the back of the box for assistance. Remember these puzzles are challenge puzzles and are designed to master your dissectologist and skills!

If you should happen to find yourself struggling with the finer details of a puzzle, please reach out to us. We would be happy to send you a photo of the assembled puzzle, which should help you solve the tricky areas.

ALL eco-series puzzle includes a poster 

Do you make custom puzzles?

Unfortunately, QC does not produce custom or “on-demand” puzzles.

What is Koality Kontent doing to support sustainability?

All of our products are printed on recycled cardboard or linen paper, with aqueous-based inks. Our puzzles are manufactured using recycled chipboard. We have phased out any packaging that includes plastic with our eco series puzzles and will be switching old designs to zero plastic in the future