You need to watch this if you struggle to solve difficult puzzles

You need to watch this if you struggle to solve difficult puzzles

  1. Lack of experience: People who have not solved many difficult puzzles may find it challenging to solve them. This is because solving puzzles requires a certain level of experience and familiarity with the types of puzzles being solved. For instance, someone who has never solved a difficult Sudoku puzzle before may find it challenging to solve one at first.

  2. Lack of critical thinking skills: Solving difficult puzzles requires strong critical thinking skills, such as the ability to analyze, evaluate, and draw conclusions. People who struggle with critical thinking may find it difficult to approach the puzzle systematically and may get stuck along the way.

  3. Lack of patience: Solving difficult puzzles can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of patience. People who lack patience may become frustrated easily and give up on the puzzle too quickly, without giving themselves enough time to work through it.

  4. Lack of motivation: Solving difficult puzzles requires a lot of mental effort and concentration, and people who lack motivation may find it challenging to put in the necessary work. Without the motivation to solve the puzzle, people may give up quickly or not even attempt to solve it at all.

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