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Michigan's Great Lakes Cascade 1000 pieces puzzle, The Great Wave Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults

Michigan's Great Lakes Cascade 1000 pieces puzzle, The Great Wave Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults

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Great Lakes Cascade

Experience the natural beauty and global importance of the Great Lakes with the Great Lakes Cascade Fine Art Puzzle from Koality Kontent. Order now and enjoy a fun and engaging activity that connects you to nature while supporting sustainable and eco-friendly products. 

Did you know, The Great Lakes, which hold over 20% of the world’s freshwater, contain some of the most precious resources for the future of humankind and life on Earth? 

We've created this jigsaw puzzle featuring images of the fauna of the Great Lakes as part of our new series of original fine art puzzles. The puzzle is fun and educational—you can learn about the animals in your own backyard while putting together a beautiful piece of artwork!

Earth Friendly Sustainable jigsaw puzzles for adults 1000 pieces and up Features:

🧩Captivating nature image by Alexis Rockman- featuring fauna of the Great Lakes of Michigan and artwork featured in the Grand Rapids Museum 

🧩Recycled linen paper and box- luxury touch and feel of pieces and box

🧩Compact packaging-Carbon neutral packaging- puzzle pieces are secure inside of the box with no additional wasted space

🧩Double vacuumed cotton pouch A cotton fabric bag – for a touch of class to keep your puzzle pieces dust free.

🧩No plastic-No more having to take more time to unwrap your puzzle to start!

🧩Snug fit Precisely cut pieces using the latest die-cutting technology pieces that snap together easily. Decrease your frustration of thinking you are wrong. When the pieces snap together, you are right!

🧩 Size -Each piece is ribbon cut randomly so no piece is the same in size, shape, and color! Final puzzle board size 27 in x 20 inches

BEGINNER FRIENDLY therefore included is a 2:1 poster for reference. Easily place together pieces on the full-sized poster inside each box!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Quality Content Does Everything Right!

    The pieces have a gorgeous linen finish, the fit is impeccable, and the zippered storage bag is an added touch of class! 🤩
    I’m so glad that Great Lakes Cascade took me outside my usual puzzle genre.
    As I worked on the puzzle, I wondered why the animals were moving toward the destruction of their habitat instead of away from danger.
    And then it hit me ... they are trapped and cannot escape from human caused changes.
    Message received.
    This puzzle spoke to me and made a lasting impression. ğŸ’—ğŸŒŽ

    Fantastic Puzzle with Amazing Quality

    I love that the image raises ecological awareness of the importance of the Great Lakes. So much thought went into the environmentally friendly making of this puzzle as well: beautiful recycled linen pieces, an aqueous varnish to avoid harmful emissions during manufacturing, and a reusable cloth bag. Highly recommend!!

    Kiki Boyd

    This puzzle is absolutely gorgeous! What I like most is that the puzzle pieces interlock extremely well and there is minimal puzzle dust. The puzzle comes with a large poster for reference as well as a sturdy puzzle bag. Overall, this is probably one of my top ten puzzles that I have ever worked on. Great imagery and great puzzle quality - WIN WIN!

    This puzzle was a nice surprise!!

    The puzzle quality is great, suuuuper sturdy pieces that should hold up forever. This was probably the best landscape style image Ive puzzled in a long time.

    Great Lakes Cascade

    Quality is even better than the first two releases. And absolutely ZERO plastic in the packaging.